Life Update – 30/11/2019

I'VE GOT SOME AWESOME NEWS!!! "THE YOUNG FOREIGNER" IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER ON AMAZON KINDLE!!! I first started writing and posting this story on Wattpad exactly three years ago, completed it in around four or five months, and then, kept it stagnant for two and a half years, before I resurrected it once again … Continue reading Life Update – 30/11/2019

Life Update – 20/11/2019

As the date of my publishing approaches, I'm concentrating less and less on my current works that are still incomplete and more and more on the one I'm actually publishing. Publishing. PUBLISHING. Not just the Wattpad version of publishing. REAL PUBLISHING. PUBLISHING THAT COULD SEND MY NAME ACROSS THE WORLD Publishing. And gods, I'd be … Continue reading Life Update – 20/11/2019

Short Summaries #3: “The Book of Tomorrow” by Cecelia Ahern

Short Summaries #3. "The Book of Tomorrow" by Ceclia Ahern What will happen tomorrow? How do we know? What if something that happened to-day was just the thing you wanted to avoid? Do you ever wish you knew beforehand what was going to happen to-day? Cecelia Ahern's "The Book of Tomorrow" is about a girl … Continue reading Short Summaries #3: “The Book of Tomorrow” by Cecelia Ahern